Episode 217 - Interview with Miranda Young, Ghost Biker

Hello boys and girls!!

Time for another interview........

I'm sure you've seen those paranormal shows on TV. They raise your curiosity, heighten your senses, expand your awareness and maybe even have you looking over your shoulder. But none

Episode 212 - Interview with Redbeard the Kilted Rider

Hello Boys and Girls, 

And welcome to another wonderful interview episode!!!  

You all know by now that I love the Harley Davidson Sportster. I’m a huge fan. What you may also know is that I love when I

Episode 211 - The Silence was Deafening

Hello boys and girls, welcome to another round of V-Twin Cafe madness!!

In this episode we.............

  • Discussed where the hell we've been
  • Where's Buktu?
  • Where's my bike?
  • Our riding
  • Pinup Girls
  • The new-ish 2020 Harley Davidsons

Episode 208 - Interview with Zee Traveler

Hello Boys and Girls, 

What a wonderful interview I had for this show. Today, we have Zee from the Zee Traveler blog to tell us about her aimless wandering around the country by motorcycle and her vagabond lifestyle. You

Episode 207 - Interview with Gloria Tramontin Struck

Hello Boys and Girls, 

Welcome to another interview episode. This time I had the pleasure and honor to speak with Gloria Struck. Author, Hall of Fame inductee and at 94, still riding. A tremendous inspiration to us all, whether