Episode 7 - Post Ride Chit Chat and other funny words 

Here it is boys and girls, Episode 7, bringing you the best in almost near high quality entertainment and infotainment your gentle ears can handle for one hour or more.  In this riveting Episode, the Motorcycle Men, minus one, took…Read more

Episode 6 - Naked in Chaps.... again. 

Welcome to Episode 6
In this Episode, Tim relaxes, Chris talks about his vagina and I talks stats.

Although we didn't have a guest this week, we still had plenty to talk about and a lot to cover. This round…Read more

Episode 5 - Some of us rode, some of us got married 

Here we have it Motorcycle Peeps.... Episode 5 is here in all of its amazing and long running glory.  In this episode, Tim Spent Money, Chris got huffy and I talked about flip-flops.  

Holy crap can we talk.  We rambled…Read more

Episode 4 - Our first guest for real this time 

Hello everyone and welcome to this 4th episode of the Motorcycle Men.  Today, broadcasting from the Central command center in Cranford New Jersey, the Motomen welcomed our first guest, Mr. Lex Hamilton to the microphone.  Lex is a fellow rider…Read more

Episode 3 - We're down one motoman 

Hello Boys and Girls, Episode 3 finds us without Brother Chris as his expertise is required at work. But that is okay since it is for a good cause.... his new bike!! Chris will be bringing home his prize HD…Read more

Episode 2 - The Full Contingent 

The Motorcycle Men are in the Studio! We're all here! Introducing Chris "Joker" to the microphone. The dynamic has increased and we're full of goofy brotherness. We talked gear, rides, food, music and motorcycles... mostly Harley.... but a little discussion…Read more

Episode 1 - Hey, it's Motorcycle Men Part 2 

Don't forget to go to for more information about the podcast.  There you can leave feedback, say hello and all that poo.  The site is still under construction but it is changing every day so bookmark that site as…Read more

Episode 1 - Hey, it's Motorcycle Men Part 1 

Our first official episode and we ran long.... way long.  So long that it has to be two parts because it's too good to not play the whole thing.  Great conversation and entertaining.  We covered lots of ground.

The lovely…Read more

The introduction ....and so it begins 

Hello kids and welcome to the preliminary episodes of Motorcycle Men!  This episode and the next few that will follow will be the introductory episodes that will give us the opportunity to test the equipment, the blog, the website and…Read more