Episode 257 - Harley History #8 with Huffy The Clown

Hello Boys and Girls  

We continue the History of Harley Davidson this time with guest Huffy The Clown 

We also chatted about:   

  • What bike would you buy?'
  • Harley's Crate 131 Engine now available for Softail Models
  • Sturgis 202 Statistics
  • Ted's Bike repair
  • Justin's registration issues
  • Tim's moving somewhere
  • Chris's ball sack
  • Harley History #8:
    • By 1950 what captured 40% of motorcycle sales?
    • In response to British imports in 1952, what did Harley introduce?
    • In 1952 which Harley model sold the best?
    • True or False: In 1953, Harley Davidson discontinued the 750cc engine in the K-Series.
    • In 1953, Cadillac Grey/ Asure Blue color scheme was available on which model only?
    • Bonus #1: Which of these states has the most registered motorcycles?
    • Bonus #2: Which of these US interstate Highways is the longest?

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