Episode 167 - Rain King: "I found Pasties"

Hello Boys and Girls!!

This week:

  • Justin found what in his saddle bags?
  • Chris Riding in the rain
  • Tim's not riding at all
  • Ted can't ride because of a flat tire
  • Ethic Electric Motorcycle
  • Another "not a motorcycle"
  • Get Tim a Bike
  • Autumn Riding Tips
    • Check your skill set - Braking drills, slow speed manuevering
    • Hazard Awareness - Call out hazards on group rides, ride slower, environment awareness
    • Wet Weather - Rain and wet pavement on Painted Lines are dangerous... AVOID.
    • Leaves, branches, etc - Wet leaves, slick slurry = Super slick road surface, go slow!!
    • Deer Season - Avoid early morning and early evening riding and avoid them.
    • Frost - Early morning hours usually mean frosty conditions especially after a damp day before
    • Ice - Higher elevations mean chance of early morning ice and black ice. Wait till the sun comes up!
    • Wear the gear - Cooler temps means the chill sets in and affects your condition. Prepare and be aware.
  • Florian Knights Ride For the Ronald McDonald House on October 20th - Many prizes!!

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Thanks for listening and remember......

We say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Ride safe kids

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