Episode 52 - A Monkey, A Woody and Joanne 

Hello Boys and Girls... Once again the Motorcycle Men Podcast deeeeeelivers a great show!!

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WOODY!!!!  He is on his way to England to meet up with our friends Del and Penny at Delboy's Garage (that cool YouTube Channel).  Del is going to take Woody around and show him the sights, take some pictures and then pass him off to the next motorcycle rider to continue his trip around the world.

On this show we talked about......
  1. Rolling Thunder
  2. Motorcycle Men Facebook Page
  3. Honda Monkey 125
  4. Guy Martin smashing his ride
  5. Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride
  6. Harley Davidson Demo Days
  7. Spot Trace review
  8. TomTom Rider 400 Review

The best part of the show was the interview with Joanne Donn of the Moterrific Podcast and Gearchic.  Joanne provided us and you with great insight and perspective of women and the motorcycle world.  Additionally, Joanne provided us with some great links that you lady riders can check out.


It is a long show but well, well worth the time.

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Ride like nobody sees you, Keep going straight and Pay attention.
Ted your host, Tim and Chris
The Motorcycle Men

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