Episode 58 - Interview with Nevil Stowe of the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival 

Hi kids,

For this episode you need to do two things..... 

First, go to our Patreon link and subscribe to the show!!  Then you need to get a drink, sit back and relax and listen to this great interview with Nevil Stowe.  He is the creator of the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival.  This is where you can take all those hours of helmet cam footage and turn it into something and go to a festival!

When you're done listening to the episode, go out and ride.

Here's some interesting things.....
That issue that I was having with my speedometer was caused by a Dakota Digital Sim-1 Speedometer calibrator.  When you change tire sizes, pully or sprocket sizes it alter the accuracy of your speedometer.  So, it is obvious that the previous owner of my bike changed out the pulley (hence the squeak) so they installed this device.  When I recently made some changes to my LED lighting, the Sim-1 was directly under my ass, so when I sat on the seat, it depressed the "down" button and altered my speedometer.  It's the stupidest things sometimes... 

Thanks for listening people, we really appreciate it.

Host of Motorcycle Men

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