Episode 74 - Interview with James McGrath of Cerma Lube 

Hello boys and girls... It's the Motorcycle Men and episode #74.

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Today, James McGrath of Cerma Industries brings you everything you ever wanted to know about oils, lubricants and gas treatments.  He'll also tell you what the industry doesn't want you to know about your oil and what it does not do for you.  Want your engine to last you 100K miles? Want better gas mileage, less heat, less noise?  Then you should be using Cerma oils in your bike, your car, your truck, your boat and anything else that has a motor.  Check it out here "CERMA".

In other news, we still don't know where Woody is.  I'm afraid we may have to count him as lost without a trace. Last place we heard he was in Lincolnshire, UK.  That was it.  We heard he may have been heading to Taiwan but there has been no evidence of that.  If you know where his is, please send a picture... (not you Liza).

Thank you again for listening and thank you again for being such wonderful and fun fans!!!

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