Episode 80 - Interview with Rob Vicci of VetRest 

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another fine episode of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

This episode is very special.  As you know, the Motorcycle Men love and support our veterans when we can and take pride in knowing that our military is the best of America and the best of the world.  The one thing however that annoys us is that there are veterans who are suffering with PTS, who are homeless, jobless and who are committing suicide.  VetRest, is an organization that is doing something about it.

Rob Vicci, LTC USA (Ret) joins me on this podcast to tell us what we can do to help and all about VetRest.  What you can do, is help. Donate your time and your money if you can.  Our veterans need your help and so does VetRest.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your support!!

Your Host of The Motorcycle Men Podcast

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