Episode 83 - Interview with ADV Woman Pat Jacques 

Hello boys and girls.  Here it is, another captivating Motorcycle Men Interview.

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This show is all about the girls.  That's right all those Adventure Women out there. What?!? Adventure women?? Really?? Yes you knuckleheads, women do dig adventure riding and my guest, Pat Jacques is here to tell us all about it. You really need to check out ADV Woman and learn about this and encourage more women riders to get out there and explore!!  Get empowered!!!

Thank you very much for listening and please, email Pat and tell her you enjoyed the interview.  Please be sure and check out our other podcast friends at Loud Pipes, Throttle Podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits, Cleveland Moto, Cafe Racer Podcast and the Wheelnerds.

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Ride Safe kids!!
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