On a break but still working.....

The Motorcycle Men may be on a little break but we can assure you we are not sleeping or riding Vespas... although that would be cool, we are not doing that.  We are planning and working on our next season and the upcoming episodes AND more than anything we are preparing for our first LIVE recording of the show at a local venue. We are also preparing our youtube channel for our video version of the show as well.

We hope you are having a great summer and we also you hope you are enjoying some wonderful riding and the company of your throttle twisting brothers and sisters.  We will be returning to the digital airwaves this month so stay tune and keep up your subscription to Motorcycle Men.

Remember you can also hear all of our episodes at www.motorcyclemen.us and of course on iTunes.  Don't forget to get on our mailing list and you will be getting updates such as this on a regular basis and other stupid MM information.  Lastly, you are welcome to email us and give us your feedback on what you'd like the MM's to do on the show or if you just want to say hello.  We are hear for you!!  

Ride on Brothers and Sisters, Ride on!!!

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