Episode 1 - Hey, it's Motorcycle Men Part 1 

Our first official episode and we ran long.... way long.  So long that it has to be two parts because it's too good to not play the whole thing.  Great conversation and entertaining.  We covered lots of ground.

The lovely winter weather, lousy road conditions, the bikes, some back stories, our gear, our little quirks, the food stops and the trips there, the little jaunts and the long ones, the ride song of the week, the long planned trip to Americade 2015 and a host of other cool stuff.

Here's links to some of the gear we talked about.

Firstgear Thermo one-piece Motorcycle Riding suit

Eeze Source Waterproof Motorcycle Touring Bag

Harley-Davidson Gauntlet Gloves

2 x 2 Cycles Motorcycle Bike Racks

If I missed anything..... Let me know.....


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