Episode 13 - Le Tour, Le Pipes and Le Sore Butt 

Hello boys and girls, welcome to Motorcycle Men and Episode 13!!  Yay!!  Please try and contain yourself. 

So we were at the V-Twin Cafe here in sunny Cranford New Jersey in the corner booth.  After finishing my Black Bean burger the boys showed up and we began our podcast.  So we talked pipes and measured the decible level of each of our bikes.... interesting results!!  I did get new quieter pipes for my Heritage and we'll re-measure the level after they are installed.  Looking forward to that!

So I gave a little lesson the one of my favorite toppics: Cycling.  Being an avid cyclist, I love the Tour de France. Love it, so, when July rolls around, don't look for me. I'm usually planted in front of the TV for 21 days.  But what many people do not know is the number of motorcycles that act as support vehicles for the tour.  A lot!!  Well, after that lesson, we did our motorcycle shootout between a Kawasaki, a Ducati and my beloved Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle.  We also talked about the Saddlesore 1000 motorcycle challenge.  That is to ride 1000 miles in one day and we're going to do it!!!  Listen to the podcast as we make our plans.  Oh, and we are doing the Valor Ride on July 12th, it is a benefit ride for two fallen Marines.  It starts here in Clark New Jersey.  Great event.

More on all of this later, but for now, listen to the episode and get yourself edu-ma-cated.

Peace and chicken grease!!
The Motorcycle Men

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