Episode 15 - It's Janus....... Squeeeeeeeeeeeaaaak 

Here you have it Motorcycle Boys and Girls.... Episode 15 is here to tickle your ears.

We did have fun tonight and we did have a guest. Kelly "Woody" Woodring was in the V-Twin diner corner booth with us and told us about is brandy new Street Glide and his favorite rides.  Tim also told us about the dead bike mystery that he was befuddled with and of course the squeak on my Heritage continues and we discussed that as well.

This episode we also talked about the required tools of the trade if you are going to work on your Harley. But if you go to www.cruztools.com you can find a tool kit for your bike regardless of what you ride!!

The Bike Spec Shootout was a good one today and despite all the comments, the bikes are really freaking cool.  One of them you really have to check out is the super cool Janus Halycon 250.  It's a classic looking custom bike and for you folks who really dig the vintage look of the old Indians and Harley's, this is the bike for you. There was some fun being had with the name and the look of the bike but in reality, it's a great machine and would probably be blast to ride and even more so to own.  And they're affordable!!  Check them out at  www.janusmotorcycles.com 

Now if your tastes are more geared towards the space age super duper rocket ships and you have deep pockets, you'll want to check out Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Speedster. This is one bad-ass looking bike, but, leave the better half at home because this is a solo rider bike. It's got loads of power and some really cool design.

For our guest we threw in the Harley Davidson Street Glide in the shootout.  This classic and most popular of Harley's bikes is loaded with a lot of technology and great deal of classic design. Comfort is the king here and if that's what you are looking for... then this is the ride for you. Check it out at Harley Davidson and pick a color!

So check out these cool bikes and let them know what you think.  Good bike companies and good bikes need to hear your voice.

Thanks for listening and we'll be back in two weeks with out season finale and will return with Season 2 just after labor day.  Now get out there and ride that bike dammit!!

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