Episode 3 - We're down one motoman 

Hello Boys and Girls, Episode 3 finds us without Brother Chris as his expertise is required at work. But that is okay since it is for a good cause.... his new bike!! Chris will be bringing home his prize HD Fat Boy on Saturday and I know he would have loved to have been with us in the studio at the Motorcycle Man Central Command Center here in lovely Cranford, New Jersey.  But we will resume with his presence next week and get the full report on the arrival of his new baby.

Additionally, our scheduled guest had to reschedule and was unable to join us as well so that left Tim and I at the controls to pilot this vessel that is the MotoMen Podcast and steer it away from rocky shores. With the aid of some new toys and sound bits we were still able to put forth a wonderful and entertaining P-cast for y'all.  We chatted it up about some riding stuff, some gear, the HD Livewire project, maintenance and meaning of MotoMen.

So when all said and done, another great episode in the can.  Until next week kids, keep it safe, keep it fun and don't forget why we ride.  It's the ride.

Ted K.
"The Buzz"

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