Episode 5 - Some of us rode, some of us got married 

Here we have it Motorcycle Peeps.... Episode 5 is here in all of its amazing and long running glory.  In this episode, Tim Spent Money, Chris got huffy and I talked about flip-flops.  

Holy crap can we talk.  We rambled on about my trip to Key West and the bikes I saw there. We talked about leather jackets, motorcycle maintenance and those issues, we chatted about upgrades and also about the rides the boys did in my absence.  Those routes will be posted on the website in the days to come for you geeky types who like to know those kind of things.  

We have planned our first group ride which we have all the details on..... almost. It will take place on Sunday May 3rd. Kickstands up at 10 a.m., meet at the Dunkin Donuts off of Exit 137 of the Garden State Parkway between 9 and 10. We will be heading to High Point State Park and a yet to be determined diner in that area.  The GPX file for the meet-up and the ride will be posted on the website before the ride so keep coming back for that. But keep an eye on the weather and the website, if the the weather turns out to be crappy, we'll reschedule the ride.

Lots of cool things to hear, so sit back with your favorite beverage and settle in for nearly 2 hours of crazy talk.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.... Oh hey, we have business cards, stickers and patches coming.  We also have a twitter page and facebook page and thanks for visiting www.motorcyclemen.us!!  Spread the word and get out and ride.

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