Episode 7 - Post Ride Chit Chat and other funny words 

Here it is boys and girls, Episode 7, bringing you the best in almost near high quality entertainment and infotainment your gentle ears can handle for one hour or more.  In this riveting Episode, the Motorcycle Men, minus one, took up residence in our new digs known as the "V-Twin Cafe" and got all set up in a corner booth with nice chrome Rock-O-La Jukebox at our table.

This Episode was mostly a review of the Motorcycle Men group ride that took place on Sunday, May 3rd to High Point State Park in Sussex County. Rather than get into it too much, I'll let you take a listen and get all the information you could ever need on it.

We talked bikes a little bit and continued our banter on seat heights.  I also went into a small but informative description of the Mad Max Highway, which is actually called the Garden State Parkway. Finally, we did cover the song of the week.

The full Ride report is available now in text format for your reading pleasure, I will try and get an audio ride report up since it seems to be the most preferred method.

That is it for now kids, please check out all of our pages as there is something on every page that may require your input!!

Peace and Chicken Grease

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