Episode 8... From the horses mouth..... so to speak 

Here you have it kids!!  Episode 8 in your grubby little hands....er....ears.... well, you know what I mean.  

So once again we broadcast from our home at the V-Twin Cafe here in lovely Cranford New Jersey, where it is always sunny and 72 degrees.  In this episode, we had a special guest.... well, they are all special, but it was Justin Brown from Bergen Harley Davidson here in New Jersey.  Justin gave us some wonderful insight into the world of Harley Davidson and had some wonderful stories for us.

As usual we chatted about gear and some bike comparisons.... How about the Victory Vegas 8-Ball vs the Vespa 946? Some interesting specs and of course some wonderful comments from our fellow podders.

I have been informed that there are some issues with the Podcast and we are having them looked at.  Should you have any trouble at all listening or subscribing to the podcast either here or on iTunes or whatever service you use, please let me know immediately.  We're a new operation here and we're still trying to get the kinks out of the sheet metal, but we're getting there.

Listen and enjoy.... and until next week..... ride safe.

Ted K.

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