Episode 17 - Mom, Sausage Bread and spinning turtles 

Here it is boys and girls, just what you've been waiting for..... or hoping not to hear.  It's the new season of the Motorcycle Men and we're glad you are still interested.

For this new season and new episode we had on a very special guest.... our Mom.  Yes that is correct, the woman responsible for bringing us to you herself. We talked to Mom about some very cool things and we're very glad she came on the show, her birthday is this week, so we thought we'd make her part of something fun.

This Episode we talked about some new things happening in the motorcycle world of shopping with info on some great sales at Bike Bandit and J&P Cycles. We also had our bike spec shootout of course and this week we looked at:
Harley Davidson Sportster 48
Harley Davidson Breakout
Confederate Motorcycles P51 Fighter

Also this week for the first time, we are now premiering new Music from independent Musicians to close out the show.  This week we have selected:
Ten Foot Tall Band
"Get Back  on the Highway"
Based out of Hopewell, New Jersey

We are also getting our crap together for out live performance at The Crossroads on October 18th.  So you don't want to miss that.

Get out there and ride kids... and be safe... don't be an ass.

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