Episode 38 - Going the Long Distance and Rich from Loud Pipes 

Here is it boys and girls, Episode #27 and this was a good one!!

Today we had a special call in guest..... Rich, the Host of the Loud Pipes Podcast!!  Rich joined us to talk about long distance travel and his preference to 4 star hotels.... or better.  Be sure and check out their podcast... great show.

This episode was largely dedicated to the idea of the long distance ride. Primarily traveling across the great USA.  Tips on making such a journey from The Lost Adventure.  (great website by the way)Music or no music, earplugs or no earplugs, camping or no camping and so on.  Tell us what you would do!!

We discussed some great new movies coming out and movies that have been out.
Very briefly we started to get on the topic of audio books and we'll finish that up in our next episode.

Most importantly, we went over my interview with Glen DuPont who is supported by Globalstar/SPOT Tracking.  Great story and great interview.  The interview is being treated as a separate podcast and that will be coming next, so be sure an listen to it.  Really a wonderful story. All I can say is... I'm getting a SPOT.

Whew!!  What a show.... 

Thank you to Rich Warfield from the Loud Pipes Podcast for joining us... it was a great time.

Zip up your pants.

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