Episode 39 - Interview with Glen DuPont about SPOT Tracking 

Hi Kids, 

As promised this episode is entirely devoted to the interview with Glen DuPont, who's affiliation and sponsorship by GlobalStar/SPOT Tracking saved his life.  

Glen's story is one that will have you thinking about how you ride and what you are not doing when riding. Think about that.  The one thing that you are not doing is giving a means to locate you in the event of an incident. His insight and experience will educate you. More so, it will move you and inspire you.  Click <here> to see pictures.

AND, for all you Listeners of The Motorcycle Men Podcast, if you purchase a SPOT Gen3 Tracker, enter the Promo Code SPOTMOTO during activation and you will receive FREE Unlimited Tracking on the SPOT Gen3.  Act fast, the offer expires April 30, 2016.

Once you have completed listening to this interview, immediately go to SPOT and see what it's all about.  Then, go to The Long Riders website and Facebook page and get yourself in there.

You only live once, so live it.

Don't forget, I'll be on the Loud Pipes Podcast this week, so be sure and check that out.  Also, just a reminder to go to our RIDES page and sign up for our High Point Ride on the 14th of May.  It's going to be great!!

Ride Safe brothers and sisters,


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