Episode 43 - Kinda sorta live from Americade 

Hello boys and girls!!!

This episode is brought to you by Americade and the 2.5 Star Clinton Inn in Lake George, NY

This was basically a recap of all that we did, saw, ate, drank and witnessed.  Well maybe not all that.

Chris and I took the Harley Davidson 2016 Breakout for a test ride.  Chris also took out the 2016 CVO Street Glide. Meanwhile, I test rode the new Roadster and wow, what a ride!!

We met Nicole of Helite and we may get some gear to check out from them.  She's willing to cheat on Chuck and Todd.

We also met with Alex at Tom-Tom who is going to loan us some action camera gear to check out.

Special thanks to Jim and Alli at Sim's Design for doing a killer job on my helmet!!! 

Super Special thanks to Christian Dutcher for hosting us at Americade.

Super Duper thanks to Alonzo Bodden for saying hello to us at the show Saturday night.  I hope the t-shit fits.  He's a big tall guy.

Enjoy kids!!!

Host - Motorcycle Men

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