Episode 19 - The big fix and the "F" word 

Hello Motorcycle boys and girls!!  Here we are with Episode number 3 of season 2 and oddly enough is it the shortest episode we've ever done.  Thank your lucky stars for that huh?

So in this episode we talked about the expense of being a motorcycle owner and rider.  For us financially challenged folks, we manage and only dream of the super cool stuff but we are happy with our ride and the joy of riding even if it isn't the way we should do it.  

I shared some interesting information from a few recent polls that were taken on who is the happiest riders, the safest and what type of riders there are.  Very interesting stuff.  Of course this all comes out of Oz (Australia).  The link to that info is here >Surveys< and here >Riders<.

Then of course we reported some really cool deals out there.
Revzilla Closeouts
Fix My Hog $9 Deal
Great deals at JP Cycles

Plus... there is the mystery Kawasaki electric bike story....

Bike Spec Shootout this week was.
Vyrus Motorcycle
Triumph Tiger 800 XRX
Indian Dark Horse

Three killer motorcycles you have to check out!!  Holy crap they are cool.

I also reviewed another audiobook for your potential listening pleasure.  To get your free audiobook download, go to www.audibletrial.com/motorcyclemen and get a free 30-day trial plus a free book download.

For those of you, like us who are not going to AIME, here is what you are missing.  AIMExpo

This week, our musical guest was Long Faces and their song Dope Sick.  Check them out on their website and on Facebook...... Long Faces

That's it for this week boys and girls.  Don't forget, October 18th at 7:00 p.m., The Motorcycle Men will be recording a live show at The Crossroads in Garwood New Jersey.  Bring your bike and your babe, we'll have the booze.  Free stuff will be handed out and Shore Fire Designs will be there to show you his stuff!!

Peace and all that.  Ride safe kiddies!!
Motorcycle Men

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