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Episode 256 - HD History #7 and More Sandwiches

Hello Boys and Girls  

We continue the History of Harley Davidson this time with guest Danielle, the Motorcycle Men Geography Lesson.   

We also chatted about:   


  • Grand Tour Madagascar airing September 4th    
  • Antifa gets run out of…

Episode 248 - HD History with Male Dude

Hello Boys and Girls  

No longer Staying at home... we took off our masks and gloves and headed off to the V-Twin Cafe for coffee and some chit-chat on what we have been doing for the last couple of

Episode 236 - 5th Anniversary Show

Hello Boys and Girls!!

Today, March 3rd, 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of the Motorcycle Men podcast. Five years. We've grown, learned, improved and in some areas, might have even gotten worse. But, we still maintain as we always

Episode 231 - Men, Women and Chris

Hello Boys and Girls!!

We are back in the V-Twin Cafe and this time we talk about.......

  • Harley Davidson and the new 131 cui engine
  • The death of MCN Magazine
  • The non-Death of Norton Motorcycles
  • The new Harley

Episode 111 - Wings, Bobbers and Bam-Bam 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

For this episode, since we are missing the Joker, we have his stunt double Kevin McKinney from the Throttled Podcast!!

On this episode......







  • News 
    • Distinguished Gentlemens…

Episode 101 - Interview with Motorcycle PR guy Robert Pandya 

Hello Boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the Motorcycle Men.

50% of all donations and contributions to the podcast go to Vetrest to help our men and women who suffer with Post traumatic Stress.  Help out now.


Episode 100 - 100th Show with Fans and Friends 

Hello boys and girls,

First of all, thanks to you all for helping us reach this small milestone. Your support, loyalty and friendship has made it all worthwhile and will for many years to come.  Thank you to our…


Episode 98 - Maine, MPC2017 and SNAKE!! 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

Thank you for tuning in and listing to this show and of course for all of the motorcycle men Episodes. 50% of all contributions via Patreon and direct donations will be donated to VetRest. VetRest…

Episode 97 - Interview with Larry Little of AIMExpo. 

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to yet another spectacular episode of the Motorcycle Men podcast.

Thank you for tuning in and listing to this show and of course for all of the motorcycle men Episodes. 50% of all contributions…

Episode 96 - New Hampshire, Laconia and Asshole 

Hello boys and girls and welcome yet again to another episode of silliness with the brothers on bikes.

This episode is brought to you by CIRO3D, get those accessories, comfort and performance parts for your Harley from these guys…

Episode 95 - Interview with Adventure Rider Rosie Gabrielle 

Hello boys and girls,

Thanks so Ciro3D for sponsoring the show and please check out their new 80 page online catalog of motorcycle accessories, comfort and performance parts for your big twin. They have a lot of great stuff…

Episode 94 - Moab, Big and Small Bikes and Alonzo Bodden 

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another studio episode with the whole crew plus one this week....

Special thanks to our new Patreon subscriber to the show... Chad has joined the 2nd Gear group and he gets some…


Episode 91 - Tennessee, Rentals and doit, doit, doit 

Hello boys and girls, time for some more fun with the boys.

Thank you to Ciro3D for sponsoring the show and remember you to can help us and help our vets at the same time. 50% of all contributions through…

Episode 88 - Expensive Bikes, Weather and RURRRAL 

Hello boys and girls!!

This episode is brought to you thanks to James at Guitar Center in Ocean Township New Jersey. He took care of me as I purchased our new Zoom H5 for recording these episodes.  Thanks James!!!


Episode 84 - Brakefreetech, Tobacco Motorwear and Lanesplitting 

RE-RELEASED!!!  Because of a bug in the initial publishing of this episode, it is being re-issued.  Sorry for the incovenience.  Enjoy!

Hello boys and girls!!

Welcome to this massively EPIC episode of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.  Holy Crap!!!  A two…