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Episode 231 - Interview with Noraly of the Itchy Boots YouTube Channel 

Hello Boys and Girls, 

I have interviewed quite a few world travelers on this podcast and each has their own story and they all are quite captivating. However, my guest today is capturing quite an audience with her captivating on-screen personality, her smile and adventurous spirit as she travels around the world on her Royal Enfield Himalayan. YouTube sensation Itchy Boots, joins me here in the V-Twin Cafe to tell us about her adventures.

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Episode 95 - Interview with Adventure Rider Rosie Gabrielle  

Hello boys and girls,

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If you, like me, have this wild dream of traveling on your motorcycle to some far away places, around the world, around your country or even just around your state and yet feel apprehensive or have your excuses of why you can’t.  I hope this interview changes that for you. While adversity of some sort might be you reason, be it health, finances or fear, you need to change that. Like my guest, she put her dreams ahead of her adversity and is living the life she wants and on her motorcycle.  With me today is the very beautiful and very talented Rosie Gabrielle. Check out her Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube Channels.  She uses the Sony RX100 MKV Camera, The Canon 5DMK3 and GoPro Hero 3 and 4 for all of her work.  Very Talented!!

Don’t forget to check out our friends over at Loud Pipes Podcast, Thottled Podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits, Cleveland Moto, Moterrific, Café Racer Podcast and of course The Wheelnerds. And for you video nerds, check out Delboy’s Garage on Youtube, you might learn something. All of these podcasts and many more out there do great things to promote and encourage our sport and passion. 

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From Tim buktu, Chris the Joker and me, Ted, your host, thanks for listening to the motorcycle Men podcast.  This was episode 95 with Rosie Gabrielle. This has been the motorcycle men podcast where we stay stupid stuff so you don’t have to.