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Episode 231 - Men, Women and Chris 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

We are back in the V-Twin Cafe and this time we talk about.......

  • Harley Davidson and the new 131 cui engine
  • The death of MCN Magazine
  • The non-Death of Norton Motorcycles
  • The new Harley Davidson 30th Anniversary Fat boy
  • Motocycle Men ranked #5 in Podcast Magazine  VOTE HERE!!!
  • US Interstates and US Highways


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Thanks for listening, we greatly appreciate you support. Ride Safe and remember.... 

 .... We say stupid crap so you don't have to.
















Episode 138 - Changes, It's Rally Season and Shoes 

Hello boys and girls!  We're back in the V-Twin Cafe and things are a changin'.

Thanks to our sponsors. Cycle Gear and Tobacco Motorwear. Tell them the Motorcycle Men sent you.

This week, we chatted about:

  • Welcoming Justin "Shoes" Brown to the show
  • Weather talk
  • Our rides
  • Gear Review: Techmount
  • Techmount give-a-way Winner: Matt Ernst of Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Changes to the show
    • No more bike shootout
    • No more destinations
    • More book, audiobook, movie reviews
    • More gear reviews
    • More ride reports
    • More BS, Less topics
    • Less News
    • Test Rides when available
    • Shorter show maybe
    • Sound effects will remain, it's our thing, it's what WE do.
    • V-Twin background remains, it's our thing, it's what WE do
  • How to prepare for a bike rally. 

The Motorcycle Men still need riders to help us out on the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge in June. You can go to the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge website to sign up and help us win this thing.

Thanks for listening kids!!  Remember, we say stupid crap, so you don't have to.


Episode 112 - Interview with Kirsh Helmets President Donnie DeVito  

Hello boys and girls!!

Coming to you now is another great interview show... but first....

Some of you may have noticed that we have cancelled out Patreon account.  We just weren't able to provide the extra content and goodies for our subscribers and it just wasn't enough to do what we needed to do, so to be fair to those that were contributing, we felt it best to discontinue the use of Patreon taking those pledges. We thank those that did subscribe and greatly appreciate your kindness and your listening loyalty.

My guest today is the President of Kirsh Helmets. Kirsch Helmets have created a new half-shell, low profile helmet that many cruiser motorcycle riders like to wear.  This is great new technology and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Next week, us three knuckleheads will be back in the studio for a new episode of brotherly silliness and some new stuff.  So for Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", I am Ted "Wrongway" your host and we are the Motorcycle Men. Ride safe people and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 96 - New Hampshire, Laconia and Asshole  

Hello boys and girls and welcome yet again to another episode of silliness with the brothers on bikes.

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This week.....

Don’t forget to check out our friends over at Loud Pipes Podcast, Thottled Podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits, Cleveland Moto, Moterrific, Café Racer Podcast and of course The Wheelnerds. And for you video nerds, check out Delboy’s Garage on Youtube, you might learn something. All of these podcasts and many more out there do great things to promote and encourage our sport and passion. 

Also look at our sponsors. Love-jugs… cool off your big twin with love jugs.  That’s… and… of course Ciro3D…. Providing you with top quality accessories, comfort and performance parts for your big twin…. and also our new friends at Uclear Digital Last but not least, Get your leather on with Shore Fire Designs, custom lids for your bagger. Simm’s Designs, your bike ain’t cool until it’s Simm’s Design cool. And of course, get ahold of Dave Ackerman over at Tobacco Motorwear and get yourself some Kevlar Lined jeans and their Kevlar lined California riding shirt. 

From Tim buktu, Chris the Joker and me, Ted, your host, thanks for listening to the motorcycle Men podcast.  This was episode 96 of the motorcycle men podcast where we stay stupid crap so you don’t have to.