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Episode 253 - Interview with Austin of Twisted Road 

Hello boys and girls, 

If you are traveling to some far off location, and you may say to yourself “I really would like to ride a bike while I’m there”. So you have a few options, but usually the only option is to rent one brand or two of bike. But suppose you want to try something completely different. Well, my guest today is the guy you want to deal with. So if you’re traveling to anywhere in the united states, and you want a bike to rent when you get to your destination, you’ll want to get ahold of Twisted Road. Joining me here in the V-Twin café is Austin Rothbard to tell us all about it.

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Episode 235 - Interview with Erik from EagleRider 

Hello Boys and Girls, 

Sometimes when you travel you just can’t take your motorcycle either because you’re traveling with family or you’re on a business trip and there’s no down time to enjoy two wheels. Or maybe you decide to take a trip to a destination far enough away that you just don’t have the time to ride to the destination, so you fly there, rent a car and see it all from the comfort and confines of a little container to view the world as you drive on by. But there is another option and my guest is here today to tell us all about it. Erik Seversen of Eagle Rider joins me in the V-Twin Cafe for a chat about the services they offer.


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Episode 154 - Interview with Larry Little of AIM Expo 

Hello boys and girls, 

Welcome back to another Interview Episode of the Motorcycle Men Podcast. 

Today, in the V-Twin Cafe, Larry Little of the American International Motorcycle Expo. Larry tells us all about AIMe's debut in Las Vegas and what attendees can expect.  Visit AIMEXPOUSA for more information OR  If you are attending, tell Larry the Motorcycle Men sent you.

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Episode 112 - Interview with Kirsh Helmets President Donnie DeVito  

Hello boys and girls!!

Coming to you now is another great interview show... but first....

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My guest today is the President of Kirsh Helmets. Kirsch Helmets have created a new half-shell, low profile helmet that many cruiser motorcycle riders like to wear.  This is great new technology and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Next week, us three knuckleheads will be back in the studio for a new episode of brotherly silliness and some new stuff.  So for Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", I am Ted "Wrongway" your host and we are the Motorcycle Men. Ride safe people and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 111 - Wings, Bobbers and Bam-Bam  

Hello Boys and Girls!!

For this episode, since we are missing the Joker, we have his stunt double Kevin McKinney from the Throttled Podcast!!

On this episode......







  • News 
    • Distinguished Gentlemens Ride 
    • Triumph Bringing back the Speedmaster 
    • Yamaha announces and releases 2018 lineup 
    • Honda’s New Goldwing 
  • Bike Shootout 
    • Triumph Bonneville Bobber 
    • Harley Davidson Softail Slim 
    • Indian Scout 
  • Destinations 
    • Wingstop, Union NJ 
    • Wings around the Clock, Birmingham AL 
    • Voodoo Wing Company, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Show Topic 
    • Saddlesore 1000 guidlines 
    • AIMExpo Review with Kevin McKinney
  • Where’s Woody 
  • Chrome Pole Page 
  • Facebook Page

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Episode 110 - Interview with Richard Hatfield of Lightning Motorcycles  

Hello boys and girls, 

Welcome to episode 110 where we get an education this week. 

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As you know, we here at the Motorcycle Men Podcast are Harley Cruiser guys. That is our thing. Now we also know that there are other types of bikes out there and we do comment and mention them frequently on our shows. However, one faction of the motorcycle world we don’t often speak of because we don’t understand it and to a lesser extent, do not appeal to us cruiser riders. Yes, I am talking about Electric motorcycles. Well, here to enlighten us… Mr. Richard Hatfield of Lightning motorcycles

For those of you out at AIMExpo this week, just know that we would have loved to be there but sometimes, most times, finances dictate actions and it is those times when we cannot do the things we love to or want to do. Perhaps another time we will meet you all. Have fun, be safe and ride a Harley for us. 

Join us next week when my brothers and co-hosts will join me in the V-Twin café for some brotherly banter and long distance fun. From Tim buktu, Chris the Joker and me, Ted, Wrongway, your host, and thanks for listening to the motorcycle Men podcast where we stay stupid crap so you don’t have to. Ride safer kids.

Episode 97 - Interview with Larry Little of AIMExpo.  

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to yet another spectacular episode of the Motorcycle Men podcast.

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Ciro3D has released their new 80 page online catalog of motorcycle accessories, comfort and performance parts for your big twin. They have a lot of great stuff over there so be sure and check them out and tell them the Motorcycle Men sent you.. 


Every year, the Motorcycle Men head off to New York to check out what’s new and happening at the International Motorcycle Show when it comes to New York.  We do this for two reasons, one because we like motorcycles and two because we are too poor to head off to Melan for the eicma show. But this year, we’re going to do things a little different and you may just see us at a different Motorcycle show. I’m talking about the world famous American International Motorcycle Expo or AIME when it comes to its new location in Columbus Ohio. And here to tell us all about that is the senior vice president of AIME, Mr. Larry Little……

Thank you for listening to this episode 97 with Larry Little from the American International Motorcycle Expo… that is AIME. So make sure you take some time and check them out when they come to Columbus Ohio on September 21-24. 

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