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Episode 193 - Pistachios, Whoppers, Popcorn, Laundry & Helmets 

Hello boys and girls, 

 Welcome back to another questionably uncertain array of words strung together to produce an unknown and potentially unhealthy release of verbal gasses.















In this episode:

  •  We don't wash our jeans
  • Full face, 3/4 face, half, or no face
  • Where to go, what to do
    • High Point
    • PA
    • Pine Barrens
  • What should be traveling with/on you when you ride
  • Where's Woody... the new adventures begin soon
  • The New Chrome Polls
  • Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge May 9-29th
  • Where should Tim Go

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 .... We say stupid crap so you don't have to.




    Episode 186 - Interview with Jacob Hammond of Gravel Map 

    Hello Boys and Girls, 

    Welcome to another great Interview Episode and this is a great one! Imagine you're riding your scrambler somewhere and you pass this dirt road. Now you don't know where it goes, how long it is or if it's all dirt/gravel. But, there is hope! Imagine if you use Gravel Map to help you find that road and learned more about it? My guest tonight is here to tell you all about it. 



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    So From Tim buktu, Chris the Joker, Justin “Shoes” and me, Ted, Wrongway, your host, and thanks for listening to the motorcycle Men podcast.... where we stay stupid crap so you don’t have to. 

    Episode 160 - Interview with Drew Faulkner of the MotoAdventurer Blog 

    Hello boys and Girls!  Another Great Interview.

    Did you ever own a bike and wish you had another for another purpose? Like you own a street bike and wish you had a off-road capable bike? Well, my guest today solved that problem and is now doing what we all want to do on a completely inappropriate motorcycle. Drew Faulkner of the MotoAdventurer blog joins me today to tell us all about his Scrambler adventures on his non-Scrambler turned Scrambler.

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    .....We say stupid crap so you don't have to. 

    Episode 124 - Christmas Closer and Commentary 

    Hello Boys and Girls,

    Welcome to our Christmas show. Nothing spectacular here, just some Pre-Christmas silliness and banter.

    We want to thank Cycle Gear for becoming apart of the Motorcycle Men family and helping spread the love of the motorcycle. Special thanks to Chainsaw Ginny, ObSean and the rest of the crew over at the Edison NJ Location of Cycle Gear. with 136 stores you are likely to find something there you want and find it near by.

    We send our holiday greetings and love over to our fellow podcasters, YouTubers, MotoVloggers and Bloggers. Loud Pipes Podcast, Throttle Podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits Podcast, Cleveland Moto Podcast, Cafe Racer Podcast, Wheelnerds Podcast, Creative Riding Podcast, Motorrific Podcast, Girl on a Moto Podcast, DanDanTheFireman MotoVlog, Bike N' Bird MotoVlog, Delboy's Garage, The V-Twin Blog and the many other Motorcycle Podcasts, MotoVlogs, YouTube Channels and Blogs out there dedicated to the sport we love.

    Thank you to all of our fans, friends and families for your support and your time through 2017. We greatly appreciate our listeners and wish each and everyone of you a very happy, merry and special Christmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate. We also wish you have a safe, successful and prosperous and High Mileage New Year.

    For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker"..... this is your host of the Motorcycle Men Podcast, Ted "Wrongway". Thank you for listening. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

    Episode 115 - Hollow Weenie in the Swamp 

    Hello bats and Ghouls.....

    Listen here: Episode 115

    It's Halloween and this is our Hollow Weenie episode coming to you from the Cemetery Swamp!!

    In this episode, we talk about:
    OCC back on Discovery Channel
    Yamaha Tilting bike
    Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles for sale
    Kymco announces smart dashboard with Facebook notifications
    Motorcycle Simulator for your home

    Plus our 250cc Shootout!!
    Honda CRF250L
    Yamaha WR250R
    Suzuki RM-Z250
    1978 Harley Davidson MX250

    Waterfalls of New York
    Scary and Haunted Places

    Great interviews coming up with VBlogger DanDan The Fireman and Michael Strauss the Scooterist.

    Thanks for listening..... be safe out there!!

    Episode 109 - Shafts, Baggers and Big Ass Riding Sweats  

    Hello boys and girls!!!

    Here we are back again for another long awaited podcast. Now that my home studio computer is back up and running you can now expect more great interviews and other neato stories... yes I said "Neato".

    This week on the Motorcycle Men:




    • JP Cycles is having a sale on body parts 
    • Revzilla having 20% off sale on selected riding boots 
    • Boot Barn western motorcycle boots 
    • Cycle Gear isale on gear for “every Rider” 
    • Philadelphia Pretzel Factory 3 for $5 including a drink 
    • KFC $10 Chicken share
    • Lane Splitting in New Jersey ILLEGAL as is shoulder riding
    • Yamaha introduces Eluder bagger and here
    • Hurricade’s Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida
    • Honda Launches “What Lies Beyond” In prep for new bike 10/24/17
    • Ducati announces early arrival of 2018’s
    • Yamaha Eluder
    • Harley Streetglide
    • Indian Chieftan Dark Horse
    • Readington Diner, Readington, NJ
    • Barnicle Bills, Rumson, NJ
    • The Cabin, Freehold, NJ
    • Long distance riding tips
    • Autumn Riding Tips
    • Where’s Woody 
    • Chrome Pole Page 
    • Facebook Page Stickers 
    • Patronize our supporters and friends and fellow podcasters.

    September 30 there will be a benefit bike ride. $35 per person. This is for "Friends of Pets United". Free food, DJ, Games, Raffles, Beer, Band, BFF Pet Wash, All American BBQ and All you drink (Beer and Select Handcraft Drinks). Ride starts at WaWa on Route 70 in Lakewood NJ just across the highway from Harley Davidson of Ocean County and the ride will conclude in Allentown, NJ near the Horse Park of NJ for a 40 mile ride. Riders and Passengers will pay upon arrival. There will be a vendor or two at the event. Gravel parking lot at destination, bring a kickstand puck.

    Thanks for listening kids.  Greatly appreciated!!!  Ride safe!!

    Episode 105 - Harley Wins, Indian Wins and Larry Loses  

    Hello boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the Motorcycle Men.

    50% of all donations and contributions to the website go directly to VetRest.

    Today in the V-Twin Cafe with all the kids and our friend Larry, the Host of the Creative Riding Podcast, we talked about:

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    Ride safe and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

    Episode 102 - Pine, IMStupid and Woody!!  

    Hello Boys and Girls!!

    Episode 102 coming at you and brought to you by Ciro3d!! Check them out at great stuff for your Harley touring model.

    50% of all contributions and donations to the podcast go directly to VetRest.

    On this episode......

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    Ride safe out there and open your eyes.

    Much love,
    Ted, Tim and Chris