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Episode 192 - Eat My Ride and Hamburger Show 

Hello boys and girls, 

Welcome back to another satisfying bombastic explosion of madness wrapped in rye bread, ham, cheese and horseradish with a side of fried chicken and popcorn.

In this episode:


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Episode 181 - Interview with Del of Delboy's Garage 

Hello Boys and Girls,

In this interview episode, an old friend returns to join me in the V-Twin Cafe to talk about his last project, his current project, what's new and coming up in the garage and just motorcycle stuff in general. Del of Delboy's Garage fills us in on what's going on in his quaint England garage these days. 

Delboy's Garage on YouTube

Delboy's Garage on Facebook

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So From Tim buktu, Chris the Joker, Justin “Shoes” and me, Ted, Wrongway, your host, and thanks for listening to the motorcycle Men podcast.... where we stay stupid crap so you don’t have to. 

Enjoy your ride kids.


Episode 113 - Commuting Science, B.A.R.S and Bi-Racial Tim  

Hello Boys and Girls!!

Welcome to the V-Twin Cafe and to Episode 113 where we just get stupid as usual.

This week:

That's it kids.... Ride Like nobody sees you..... Keep going straight...... Enjoy the ride

Remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 111 - Wings, Bobbers and Bam-Bam  

Hello Boys and Girls!!

For this episode, since we are missing the Joker, we have his stunt double Kevin McKinney from the Throttled Podcast!!

On this episode......







  • News 
    • Distinguished Gentlemens Ride 
    • Triumph Bringing back the Speedmaster 
    • Yamaha announces and releases 2018 lineup 
    • Honda’s New Goldwing 
  • Bike Shootout 
    • Triumph Bonneville Bobber 
    • Harley Davidson Softail Slim 
    • Indian Scout 
  • Destinations 
    • Wingstop, Union NJ 
    • Wings around the Clock, Birmingham AL 
    • Voodoo Wing Company, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Show Topic 
    • Saddlesore 1000 guidlines 
    • AIMExpo Review with Kevin McKinney
  • Where’s Woody 
  • Chrome Pole Page 
  • Facebook Page

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Episode 109 - Shafts, Baggers and Big Ass Riding Sweats  

Hello boys and girls!!!

Here we are back again for another long awaited podcast. Now that my home studio computer is back up and running you can now expect more great interviews and other neato stories... yes I said "Neato".

This week on the Motorcycle Men:




  • JP Cycles is having a sale on body parts 
  • Revzilla having 20% off sale on selected riding boots 
  • Boot Barn western motorcycle boots 
  • Cycle Gear isale on gear for “every Rider” 
  • Philadelphia Pretzel Factory 3 for $5 including a drink 
  • KFC $10 Chicken share
  • Lane Splitting in New Jersey ILLEGAL as is shoulder riding
  • Yamaha introduces Eluder bagger and here
  • Hurricade’s Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida
  • Honda Launches “What Lies Beyond” In prep for new bike 10/24/17
  • Ducati announces early arrival of 2018’s
  • Yamaha Eluder
  • Harley Streetglide
  • Indian Chieftan Dark Horse
  • Readington Diner, Readington, NJ
  • Barnicle Bills, Rumson, NJ
  • The Cabin, Freehold, NJ
  • Long distance riding tips
  • Autumn Riding Tips
  • Where’s Woody 
  • Chrome Pole Page 
  • Facebook Page Stickers 
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September 30 there will be a benefit bike ride. $35 per person. This is for "Friends of Pets United". Free food, DJ, Games, Raffles, Beer, Band, BFF Pet Wash, All American BBQ and All you drink (Beer and Select Handcraft Drinks). Ride starts at WaWa on Route 70 in Lakewood NJ just across the highway from Harley Davidson of Ocean County and the ride will conclude in Allentown, NJ near the Horse Park of NJ for a 40 mile ride. Riders and Passengers will pay upon arrival. There will be a vendor or two at the event. Gravel parking lot at destination, bring a kickstand puck.

Thanks for listening kids.  Greatly appreciated!!!  Ride safe!!

Episode 108 - Diners, Drivers and Why's  

Hello boys and girls in this episode.......

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    • JP Cycles is having their huge seat sale 10% off select seats
      Hot LEathers is having their $6 sale on Motorcycle Tees 
      Cycle Gear is having a huge sale on AGV Helmets

  • Diners of NJ
  • Motorcycles and Misfits
  • All about the new Harley's

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Episode 107 - Ride Report, Mouth Pound and The Chef  

Hello boys and girls,

On this Episode:

  1. Centralia Ride report
  2. We're joined by Listener EJ "The Chef" Kooker
  3. Ban on Gas and Diesel engines in the UK and parts of Europe
  4. Shark audio speakers
  5. Ciro 3D
  6. La Minz Scooterathon
  7. Where's Woody
  8. The Chrome Poll

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Ride safe kids and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.


Episode 105 - Harley Wins, Indian Wins and Larry Loses  

Hello boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the Motorcycle Men.

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Today in the V-Twin Cafe with all the kids and our friend Larry, the Host of the Creative Riding Podcast, we talked about:

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Ride safe and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 103 - Interview with "Where the road ends" Film creators.  

Hello boys and girls!!

Joining me today in the V-Twin Cafe are the creators of the movie "Where the road ends". A documentary of 4 veterans who are going to ride their motorcycles from Alaska to Argentina. 

50% of all donations and contributions to the podcast are donated to VetRest to help our vets who live with Post Traumatic Stress. Help them!!

Join me as I interview Jake Hamby and Wayne......... They are going to tell us all about "Where the Road Ends", how they are going to do it and all you have to do is listen and get immersed in this epic adventure.

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Next week..... Larry from Creative Riding Podcast joins us to discuss Rider Magazines Bike of the year award.

From the Tim Buktu, Chris the Joker and me, Ted Wrongway, your host. Ride safer kids.

Episode 102 - Pine, IMStupid and Woody!!  

Hello Boys and Girls!!

Episode 102 coming at you and brought to you by Ciro3d!! Check them out at great stuff for your Harley touring model.

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On this episode......

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Ride safe out there and open your eyes.

Much love,
Ted, Tim and Chris