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Episode 218 - Asian Cougars and a Tool Bag 

Hey Boys and Girls,

This is our 3rd annual Halloweeny Episode and it was a doozy. We had a plan, but naturally it got derailed. But, it was fun anyway.

On this episode we talked about:

  • Justin's woman Danielle joined us to tell us all about her training, getting her license and her first bike. 
  • My upcoming trip to the Florida Keys
  • Harley Davidson News
  • Apple Carplay Hack for the Harley Boom System
  • Roadside assistance
  • Bad Motorcycle Horror/Scary Movies
    • Mad Max
    • I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle
    • Dear God, No!
    • Hex
    • Werewolves on Wheels
    • Ghost Rider 1 & 2
    • These are the Damned
    • Wild Zero
    • Nightmare Beach
  • Scary Questions
  • Where's Woody
  • Upcoming Interview with Rick Antonson Author or "Route 66 Still Kicks"

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Episode 134 - Interview with Adventure Rider/Traveler Spencer Conway 

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another interview episode of the Motorcycle Men.

This week, I had a wonderful chat with Spencer Conway. Spencer rode his Yamaha Tenere around the perimeter of Africa and South America. We discuss the bike, his travels, the challenges, the best and the worst parts, the roads, the food, the people and much, much more. Spencer was an absolute delight to have on and one of the best interviews I've done.

Head over to to learn more about his travels to both of these massive continents. 

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For Tim "Buktu" and Chris "Joker", I am Ted "Wrongway" and this has been Episode 134 with Spencer Conway.

Remember kids, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.