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Episode 207 - Interview with Gloria Tramontin Struck 

Hello Boys and Girls, 

Welcome to another interview episode. This time I had the pleasure and honor to speak with Gloria Struck. Author, Hall of Fame inductee and at 94, still riding. A tremendous inspiration to us all, whether if you ride or not.

You can get Gloria's book "Gloria" by going to her Facebook page and place your order and get an autographed copy. OR you can click on this link and download it directly from the The Motorcycle Men website.  Click here to order!! Better yet, go to Sturgis in August and meet her there.

Great interview.... Enjoy!!

Cover art by David Uhl

The Beautiful Cover Art for Gloria's book was done by Artist David Uhl. You can learn more about David at UHL Studios. He has some great motorcycle related artwork on his site. I highly recommend you check it out.

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Episode 159 - Interview VTwin Blogger Larry Marshall Live from Sturgis 

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another interview episode.

This time we speak with our good friend Larry Marshall of the V-Twin Blog who is out at Sturgis right now. Larry tells us what is going on, where's he's ridden and what he is riding. We also briefly talk about the new bikes that Harley is Proposing.

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For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker" and Justin "Shoes", this is your host Ted "Wrongway", thanks for listening and remember kids....      

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Episode 138 - Changes, It's Rally Season and Shoes 

Hello boys and girls!  We're back in the V-Twin Cafe and things are a changin'.

Thanks to our sponsors. Cycle Gear and Tobacco Motorwear. Tell them the Motorcycle Men sent you.

This week, we chatted about:

  • Welcoming Justin "Shoes" Brown to the show
  • Weather talk
  • Our rides
  • Gear Review: Techmount
  • Techmount give-a-way Winner: Matt Ernst of Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Changes to the show
    • No more bike shootout
    • No more destinations
    • More book, audiobook, movie reviews
    • More gear reviews
    • More ride reports
    • More BS, Less topics
    • Less News
    • Test Rides when available
    • Shorter show maybe
    • Sound effects will remain, it's our thing, it's what WE do.
    • V-Twin background remains, it's our thing, it's what WE do
  • How to prepare for a bike rally. 

The Motorcycle Men still need riders to help us out on the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge in June. You can go to the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge website to sign up and help us win this thing.

Thanks for listening kids!!  Remember, we say stupid crap, so you don't have to.


Episode 123 - Interview with Sara Liberte of Garage Girls 

Hello boys and girls, 

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak with a woman who is empowering.... everyone. If you have something in your garage, work on it. That's her motto... sort of. But listen to this episode and check out what they do at Garage-Girls, you just might be impressed like I am.

Listen HERE

Here are some links to her other achievements;

GMC Van Tour
Sara and Guns  
Zen Folio 
1000 Biker Tatoos
How to repair and maintain America V-Twin Motorcycles
Sara on Instagram
Garage Girls on Instagram
Sara Photography
Garage Girls on Facebook

So do yourself a favor and check out all the things that Sara is doing.  Very impressive stuff and I think you'll find it worth your while.

Don't forget, Christmas show records the 21st and airs the 24th.  Feel free to call us at 908-514-4070 any time to leave us a voicemail. And, be sure and send us an email and let us know how we're doing at or hit the contact page on the website.

For Tim "Buktu" and Chris "Joker", this is Ted "Wrongway" your host, thanks for listening and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 107 - Ride Report, Mouth Pound and The Chef  

Hello boys and girls,

On this Episode:

  1. Centralia Ride report
  2. We're joined by Listener EJ "The Chef" Kooker
  3. Ban on Gas and Diesel engines in the UK and parts of Europe
  4. Shark audio speakers
  5. Ciro 3D
  6. La Minz Scooterathon
  7. Where's Woody
  8. The Chrome Poll

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Episode 106 - Interview with VTwin Blogger Larry Marshall from Sturgis  

Hello Boys and Girls....

Another thrilling Interview Episode.  This time, live from Sturgis, South Dakota at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, from the VTwin Blog, Mr. Larry Marshall. As you may recall, Larry was on the podcast some months back.  This time he was here to give us a play-by-play of his time at the rally.  Please note the reception for him was not that great and there were moments of silence as well as some static on the line.

50% of all donations and contributions to the show go to VetRest to help our vets with PTSD. 

Thanks to Ciro3D for supporting the show and remember to check them out for all of your accessory, performance and comfort parts for your Harley Touring model.

If you would like to join the Motorcycle Men for our ride to the Ghost Town of Centralia, Pennsylvania on Sunday August 13th, visit our Facebook Page and see our event.

For Tim Buktu, Chris the Joker, I am Ted Wrongway for the Motorcycle Men Podcast, this has been Episode 106 with Larry Marshall of the VTwin Blog all the way from Sturgis. Remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.