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Episode 124 - Christmas Closer and Commentary 

Hello Boys and Girls,

Welcome to our Christmas show. Nothing spectacular here, just some Pre-Christmas silliness and banter.

We want to thank Cycle Gear for becoming apart of the Motorcycle Men family and helping spread the love of the motorcycle. Special thanks to Chainsaw Ginny, ObSean and the rest of the crew over at the Edison NJ Location of Cycle Gear. with 136 stores you are likely to find something there you want and find it near by.

We send our holiday greetings and love over to our fellow podcasters, YouTubers, MotoVloggers and Bloggers. Loud Pipes Podcast, Throttle Podcast, Motorcycles and Misfits Podcast, Cleveland Moto Podcast, Cafe Racer Podcast, Wheelnerds Podcast, Creative Riding Podcast, Motorrific Podcast, Girl on a Moto Podcast, DanDanTheFireman MotoVlog, Bike N' Bird MotoVlog, Delboy's Garage, The V-Twin Blog and the many other Motorcycle Podcasts, MotoVlogs, YouTube Channels and Blogs out there dedicated to the sport we love.

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and families for your support and your time through 2017. We greatly appreciate our listeners and wish each and everyone of you a very happy, merry and special Christmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate. We also wish you have a safe, successful and prosperous and High Mileage New Year.

For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker"..... this is your host of the Motorcycle Men Podcast, Ted "Wrongway". Thank you for listening. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Episode 121- Interview with Justin of the Bike N' Bird MotoVlog 

Hello Boys and girls, welcome to yet another fine Interview Episode of the Motorcycle Men

Special thanks to all those that have contributed to the show. Your donations are greatly appreciated. 

Today I had the chance to interview another YouTube sensation. Justin of the Bike N' Bird YouTube Channel joins me in the V-Twin Cafe to tell about his blog and some of the cool stuff he has done and all the gear he uses to make it happen.  So check his channel out when you have the chance. And.... send Justin a Harley Davidson Poker Chip.

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Winter is here, so hug your bike if you can't ride. For Tim "Buktu", Chris "The Joker", this is Ted "Wrongway" your host, thank you for listening. And remember boys and girls, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 119 - Christmas Gift Ideas, IMS and Lean Nipples 

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another cerebrally deficient episode of the podcast.


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This week we talked about......

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Episode 116 - Interview with Motoblogger DanDanTheFireman 

Hello boys and girls, Welcome to another Interview Show of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

This week my guest is one among many in a growing segment that is MotoBlogging. Here with me this week is Dan Tolomei or DanDan The Fireman. You can catch his videos on you tube at DanDantheFireman. Or you can go to his website DanDanTheFireman


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Next up is a great interview with THE SCOOTERIST Michael Strauss.

Enjoy your ride kids and remember..... Here at the Motorcycle Men Podcast, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.