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Episode 231 - Men, Women and Chris 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

We are back in the V-Twin Cafe and this time we talk about.......

  • Harley Davidson and the new 131 cui engine
  • The death of MCN Magazine
  • The non-Death of Norton Motorcycles
  • The new Harley Davidson 30th Anniversary Fat boy
  • Motocycle Men ranked #5 in Podcast Magazine  VOTE HERE!!!
  • US Interstates and US Highways


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Episode 170 - Interview with Chris Comly of Chris's Riding Adventures Blog 

Hello Boys and Girls,

I like to talk to riders who do really cool things. My guest today does just that. Long distance rides on a Sportster, breaking the stereotype that Sportsters are local around town bikes. Sportsters ROCK!! You can learn more about Chris and his riding on his blog.....

Chris's Riding Adventures










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For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker" and Justin "Shoes", this is your host Ted "Wrongway", thanks for listening and remember kids....        

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Episode 160 - Interview with Drew Faulkner of the MotoAdventurer Blog 

Hello boys and Girls!  Another Great Interview.

Did you ever own a bike and wish you had another for another purpose? Like you own a street bike and wish you had a off-road capable bike? Well, my guest today solved that problem and is now doing what we all want to do on a completely inappropriate motorcycle. Drew Faulkner of the MotoAdventurer blog joins me today to tell us all about his Scrambler adventures on his non-Scrambler turned Scrambler.

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Episode 137 - Interview with Grant Bourne of Ride Out Of The Darkness 

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to yet another great interview show!!

This week I'm joined by Grant Bourne of Ride Out Of The Darkness. Grant is riding 100,000 miles for suicide prevention. Grant tells us about his rides, the journey and all that he is doing and his mission.  Please visit the AFSP and lend a hand there.

You can also visit Grants pages here:

Don't forget, you still have some time to win a Techmount Phone mount. Just click here and enter your email address.

Hit our pages!!

The Motorcycle Men would like to welcome Justin "Shoes" Brown to the table here in the corner booth at the V-Twin Cafe. Justin will bring his smarts and insight to the show and along with Tim and Chris, Justin will co-host and fill that 4th seat at the table. 

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New Things coming to the show, so stay tuned!! 

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Episode 131 - Chartreuse, Thumpers and Where's the bike money? 

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to another lovely episode of the Motorcycle Men!!

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This week on the show:

General Stuff:

  • The warm misty weather
  • The squeak repair


Email Review


  • Harley recalls a shit-ton of bikes because people don't maintain their brakes and the ABS can fail.

Destinations and Eateries:

Bike Shootout.... Single Cylinder Bikes

This weeks Topic:

  • Where has all the Bike Money gone and going?


MM Spring Classic April 21st (Rain Date June 2nd) 
Myrtle Beach Bike Week May 11-19 
Lighthouse Challenge 
Americade June 4-11 
Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge June 21-July11 
10th Annual Valor Ride July 8 
MM Fall Colors Classic October 6 (No rain date at this time) 

Here's some things to check out as always: 

Thank you for listening kids, we really appreciate it. Enjoy your ride and remember.....

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Episode 130 - Swiss Cheeks, Dodging Cox and Vominator 

Hello boys and girls, welcome to another fine edition of the podcast.

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This was an action packed episode and on this show:


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Episode 125 - Interview with Connie and Beulah of Girl On A Moto Podcast 

Hello Girls and Boys,

On this episode I am joined by Connie and Beulah of the Girl On A Moto Podcast from out in Southern California.


In this episode from the V-Twin Cafe, Connie and Beulah tell us about their show, riding in California and busting my chops about the weather. In return, they got new nicknames. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Helen Babies and DoRag Debbie.

Both ride Sportsters and have quite the women on bikes thing happening out there, so check them out and send them a little note when you have the chance.

Girl on a Moto Podcast

For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", I am Ted "Wrongway" your host wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Years eve/day/year. 

We say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 119 - Christmas Gift Ideas, IMS and Lean Nipples 

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another cerebrally deficient episode of the podcast.


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This week we talked about......

  • Email and Facebook posts
  • Our Riding

Things on Sale:



Motorcycle Shootout. 500cc bikes:





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Episode 118 - New Bikes, The Sound of Fat and Ruttin' Around 

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome to another studio episode of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

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This week:

Once again, thank you for listening to the show, we really appreciate all of our listeners.

Ride safe and be safe. From Tim Buktu, Chris The Joker and myself, Ted "Wrongway", your host. Remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 116 - Interview with Motoblogger DanDanTheFireman 

Hello boys and girls, Welcome to another Interview Show of the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

This week my guest is one among many in a growing segment that is MotoBlogging. Here with me this week is Dan Tolomei or DanDan The Fireman. You can catch his videos on you tube at DanDantheFireman. Or you can go to his website DanDanTheFireman


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Next up is a great interview with THE SCOOTERIST Michael Strauss.

Enjoy your ride kids and remember..... Here at the Motorcycle Men Podcast, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.