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Episode 158 - Deep Sea Fishing Lighthouse New Harley Men 

Hello Boys and Girls,

Welcome to Episode 158 where we all gathered in the V-Twin Cafe and chatted about several things including Deep Sea Fishing, Picking out a new bike for Tim, Some great upcoming events and of course the rage that is the proposed new Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Here's the way it went:

  • Chris's and Ted's bike repairs and rides
  • Justin goes Deep Sea Fishing
  • Lighthouse tour
  • Events
  • NEW HARLEY DAVIDSON'S. Article 1.... Article 2..... Article 3......
  • LiveWire Discussion
  • Female listeners? Do we have any?
  • Chrome Poll Page New Questions
  • Where's Woody

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Episode 135 - Ted, Tim, Chris, Justin, Kevin & Liza on Harley Bashing 

Hello boys and girls,

In this episode we discuss the hobby of Harley bashing and how it affects the business, our culture and the people of motorcycling as a whole. We are joined by our good friend Justin "Shoes" Brown from Bergen Harley Davidson, the host of the Throttled Podcast Kevin McKinney and the Host of Motorcycles and Misfits Liza Miller. 

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Thanks for listening folks, greatly appreciated. Please send condolences to Tim who recently became bike-less as he sold his Harley Electra Glide Classic. We all wish him well and hope he returns to two wheels soon.

For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", this is Ted "Wrongway" your host. Thank you for listening and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 130 - Swiss Cheeks, Dodging Cox and Vominator 

Hello boys and girls, welcome to another fine edition of the podcast.

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This was an action packed episode and on this show:


Here's some things to check out as always:

Thank you for listening kids, we really appreciate it. Enjoy your ride and remember.....

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Episode 129 - Interview with Long Distance HD Street 500 rider Brian Gosney 

Hello boys and girls!!!

In this episode I had a great conversation with someone who set me straight about the Harley Davidson Street 500. I've always bashed the Street series for their lack of typical Harley fit and finish and their revision to some Harley standards like self cancelling signals. Well, my guest Brian "The Brain" Gosney showed me the light and proved that a lightweight bike like the Street 500 is quite capable for long distance rides.

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