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Episode 231 - Men, Women and Chris 

Hello Boys and Girls!!

We are back in the V-Twin Cafe and this time we talk about.......

  • Harley Davidson and the new 131 cui engine
  • The death of MCN Magazine
  • The non-Death of Norton Motorcycles
  • The new Harley Davidson 30th Anniversary Fat boy
  • Motocycle Men ranked #5 in Podcast Magazine  VOTE HERE!!!
  • US Interstates and US Highways


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Don't forget to follow the adventures of Woody II... He is out there!

Thanks for listening, we greatly appreciate you support. Ride Safe and remember.... 

 .... We say stupid crap so you don't have to.
















Episode 178 - Livewire, 2018 Review, 2019 Predictions 

Hello and happy new year boys and girls!!

We are so very happy to bring you this first episode of 2019!! Special thanks to all of the suppliers of our giveaway gifts for our Christmas Give-Away Show. We gave away over $1000 in prizes. Our prize providers were:

  • Bergen Harley Davidson
  • Harley Davidson of Ocean County
  • Surf and Summit Motorcycles
  • Road-ID 
  • Rever 
  • Spot 
  • Butler Maps 
  • ShoreFire Designs 
  • UClear Digital 
  • Tobacco Motorwear

Special thanks to all of our supporters and contributors for helping out the show. Your help helps!!

In this episode we talked about:

  • The new Harley Davidson Livewire Data release
  • Get Tim a Bike
  • 2018 year in review
  • 2019 wishes and predictions
    • Tim
      • Wishes
        • Get a new bike
        • Ride to York Plant
        • Ride to Florida
      • Predictions
        • A manufacturer will introduce a Hybrid bike
        • Harley will release a one year only special edition
    • Chris
      • Wishes
        • Continue Lighthouse Tour
        • Get correct windshield
        • Get Heated Gear and Full Face Helmet
        • Pay of Bike
      • Predictions
        • Harley will release a top secret bike
        • Will ride more than ever before
        • Finally do brakes
    • Justin
      • Wishes
        • Rebuild Motor
        • Get my garage back to be a garage
        • Pay off bike in full
        • Hoping for a vintage line from Harley
      • Predictions
        • Harley will introduce different Electric Models
        • Vintage/Retro bike interest will rise
        • Shift of to a different type of rider buying bikes
        • This will be realized as a historic time for HD
    • Ted
      • Wishes
        • Go to Americade
        • Do a Saddle Sore 1000
        • Ride to Key West
        • Ride More
      • Predictions
        • Tim gets a bike
        • Harley produces two "Special" Models: Slim and Heritage
        • Harley announces new redesigned Sportster
        • Harley announces the return of a revamped V-Rod
  • New Woody to hit the road
  • New Chrome Pole Page Topics
  • New History of Harley Feature
  • New "Motorcycle Man Adventure Show" to launch
  • Motorcycle Men Group Ride Plans for 2019
  • New "Ted Shed" Video series on our YouTube Channel

Thanks for listening kids. The nicer weather is only a few months away here in the North, so we're making plans. If you can ride now, get out there and ride safe. 

Remember kids, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.


Episode 135 - Ted, Tim, Chris, Justin, Kevin & Liza on Harley Bashing 

Hello boys and girls,

In this episode we discuss the hobby of Harley bashing and how it affects the business, our culture and the people of motorcycling as a whole. We are joined by our good friend Justin "Shoes" Brown from Bergen Harley Davidson, the host of the Throttled Podcast Kevin McKinney and the Host of Motorcycles and Misfits Liza Miller. 

Go to the home page of the website here to enter for your chance to win a Techmount Device Mount for your motorcycle provided by Cycle Gear!!  Special thanks to Ginny and Sean at Cycle Gear of Edison, NJ for providing this months prize.

Thanks for listening folks, greatly appreciated. Please send condolences to Tim who recently became bike-less as he sold his Harley Electra Glide Classic. We all wish him well and hope he returns to two wheels soon.

For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", this is Ted "Wrongway" your host. Thank you for listening and remember, we say stupid crap so you don't have to.

Episode 131 - Chartreuse, Thumpers and Where's the bike money? 

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome to another lovely episode of the Motorcycle Men!!

Thank you to those of you who help us out with a contribution/donation for the cause.  It is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to help the show, go to the home page of the website and hit that Donate button.

This week on the show:

General Stuff:

  • The warm misty weather
  • The squeak repair


Email Review


  • Harley recalls a shit-ton of bikes because people don't maintain their brakes and the ABS can fail.

Destinations and Eateries:

Bike Shootout.... Single Cylinder Bikes

This weeks Topic:

  • Where has all the Bike Money gone and going?


MM Spring Classic April 21st (Rain Date June 2nd) 
Myrtle Beach Bike Week May 11-19 
Lighthouse Challenge 
Americade June 4-11 
Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge June 21-July11 
10th Annual Valor Ride July 8 
MM Fall Colors Classic October 6 (No rain date at this time) 

Here's some things to check out as always: 

Thank you for listening kids, we really appreciate it. Enjoy your ride and remember.....

..... We say stupid crap so you don't have to.