The American adventures of Woody II

The Adventures of Woody II

For the last 4 years, Woody II has been riding comfortably on the handlebars of my 2003 Heritage Softail Classic. He's been to Americade and Centralia, been through the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and has participated in 4 Motorcycle Podcasters Challenges. Not to mention miles and miles around New Jersey.

That's about to change.

Woody II will be embarking on his big journey around America starting with the biggest event of them all.
The Iron Butt Rally. He will be doing it with Chris Comly on a Sportster!!
Woody II will enjoy 11 one thousand mile days in a row. From there.... well, that's

anyone's guess, but you can bet it will be an amazing journey.

But if you get Woody II, take him with you and take pictures. Email the pictures to:

and put "Adventures of Woody II" in the subject line. Tell me where the picture was taken. Then, pass him off to another rider who is traveling/touring to someplace else. The idea is to get him around the country, Alaska and Hawaii too if possible. And hopefully, at some point, have him return home safely and preferably in one piece. Help make the adventures of Woody II awesome.

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Woody II's Traveling Companions

In order of possession

Ted Kettler - 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Heritage Softail Classic
Chris Comly - Harley Davidson Sportster

Thomas and Joanna Southwood - Harley Davidson Road King

WOODY Sr. IS M.I.A. (Presumed Dead)

Sadly, the last person who had Woody in England passed him along to an individual who

did not ride, who then, supposedly, passed him along to another person who

did ride. Reportedly, the last two people in this particular chain rarely have contact

and it is unknown where Woody is currently. Repeated emails to the last known person

to have Woody and requesting his return to me, at my expense, have proven fruitless.

Correspondence has ceased and there has been no contact with the last holder for months.

Apologies to Road ID for not being able to complete the task and we thank them for

their support during the failed social experiment. It is just sad that the reliability, trust

and participation cannot be counted on by some people. I can only imagine where Woody 

might have been now had the last people involved did what they claimed they would do.

Woody, you will be missed.



Woody's Traveling Companions

In order of from 1st to last

  1. Ed & Mike Wimmer - Road ID
  2. Alissa Jacoby - Road ID
  3. Del and Penny - Delboy's Garage & Moonfleet, Blandford Forum, England
  4. David Goodhead - Portsmouth, England
  5. Andy Brighton - Ipswich, England
  6. Lynny X - North Wales

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