Episode 261 - Positive, Paid and HD History #11

Hello Boys and Girls  

Due to Illness and all that, we had to do a remote podcast today so things might not seem as normal as they do when we are live. Regardless we did talk about

  • Long Way Up
  • Topics:
    •       When do you call it quits for the season?
    •       If you can't ride, do you have motorcycle related plans for the off-season (repairs, custom work)?
    •       What can or will you do to keep riding through the winter?
  • Paid off my bike, now what?
  • Geography
  • YouTube Talk
  • History of Harley Davidson #11
    • In 1930, Howard Hughes created what?
    • In 1933, A harley Davidson Model J with sidecar was seen where
    • Between 1960 and 1975 only 108 of these were produced.
    • Harley Davidson tried to patent what?
    • What motorcycle was upgraded to a Shovelhead in 1966.
    • The first production motorcycle started production when?
    • Suzuki motorcycles originally made what before motorcycles?



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