Episode 246 - Interview with Jess of Her Two Wheels YouTube Channel

Hello boys and girls, 

One of my favorite things to do when I'm at home, working out, sitting in my office is to watch YouTube videos. While I do watch many channels that are entertainment based, gaming, music, concerts, as you can imagine the vast majority of the channels that I watch are motorcycle related and most of them are Vlogs of some sort where the rider is documenting their travels or just out for a short spin to share thoughts during their ride. While I enjoy the vlogs of adventure, where the rider is traveling great distances, I also have a fondness for the 10-Minute scoot around the block for a cup of coffee and some silly banter. My guest today shares with us that cup of coffee, entertaining conversations and an insight into what its like to be a women rider from the seat of her Harley Davidson. Jess, of the Her Two Wheels YouTube Channel joins me in the V-Twin Cafe.


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