Episode 258 - HD History #9 and Chris's Bed

Hello Boys and Girls  

We continue the History of Harley Davidson and other funky stuff

We also chatted about:   

  • What bike would you buy..... again?
  • Harley cuts the Bronx.... again....   
  • Long way up   
  • Ted's Bike repair   
  • Harley's "GO-RIDE" Challenge   
  • Harley Re-Launches "The Enthusiast" magazine, replacing HOG Magazine   
  • Balancing for HD Touring Bikes   
  • Harley History #9:                   
    • The engine used in the J-Model was used for how many years?           
    • The term Fat Bob actually refers to what?           
    • In the late 1930's, what was the best selling HD accessory?           
    • In the early 1920's what else was powered by a HD motor?           
    • In 1941, which of HD's production models was the most expensive?           
    • Bonus #1: In the movie Best Bar in America, what did Sanders Ride?           
    • Bonus #2: Where is Big Gate Road?       

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