Episode 195 - How to Scooter Bermuda

Hello boys and girls, 

 Welcome back to another questionably uncertain array of words strung together to produce an unknown and potentially unhealthy release of verbal gasses.

 In this episode:

 Go get yourself some riding jeans from TOBACCO MOTORWEAR and tell them the Motorcycle Men sent you.

 Help us help them. David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation and be sure and let them know you heard about it here on the Motorcycle Men Podcast.

 Viking Cycle is the new place to get your motorcycle leathers and textile clothing.

 Don't forget to get over and check out the Ted Shed Video's over on the Motorcycle Men Channel on YouTube. You get to see the rebuild of my Heritage.

 Thanks for listening, we greatly appreciate you support. Ride Safe and remember....

 .... We say stupid crap so you don't have to.










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