Episode 127 - Interview with Lisa Brouwer of Full Throttle Living

Hello boys and girls! 

Welcome to Episode 127! You'll enjoy this episode. If you've ever had the desire to do something but have a boat load of excuses, this is your episode. Lisa Brouwer of Full Throttle Living is here with me in the Corner booth of the V-Twin Cafe to tell us all about riding the same ride that Effie Hotchkiss did in 1915. Her story and mission just may inspire you to do the same thing. 

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I have a request for all motorcycle riders and owners. In an effort to get more people on motorcycles, promote and praise the good parts of motorcycling, talk about all that you are able to do and the pleasure and joy it brings you. Keep negative comments to yourself, do not say things about bad drivers, crashing or traffic. Do not speak of hazards, but speak of the way to ensure their own safety, speak of responsible, respectful riding and speak of safety and being prepared. 

There are only two kinds of motorcyclists: those that ride and those that want to ride. Use those words. Promote your passion, don't speak ill of it. 

For Tim "Buktu", Chris "Joker", I am Ted "Wrongway", thank you for listening to this episode 127 with Lisa Brouwer of Full Throttle Living. Remember kids, we say stupid crap so you don't have to. 

Enjoy your ride.

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