Episode 67 - Live at the Harley Rendezvous Swap Meet 

Hello Boys and Girls.... Before you listen to this podcast I must warn you and I'm serious..... 

.... Today we did a live show from the Harley Rendezvous Swap Meet.  All went well and we had some wonderful guests.  Sadly, there was something wrong with the input levels and we did not learn about this until after the show was over. Everything appeared to be normal during the recording but it was to be otherwise.  What this means is that the podcast is severely distorted for most of the show.  It clears up at random spots throughout the show and it even went from person to person but mostly it was everyone.  Normally, we wouldn't release an episode like this but the interviews were so good and there were some really funny moments during the show that we couldn't just trash it so the decision was made to release it.  It can be listened to, it will be difficult at times but do you best and listen.  We apologize for the quality but sadly I fear that my trusty Zoom H4 Digital recorder may have recorded its last Podcast. 

However, for this episode, thanks to....... 
Frank Potter, owner and operator of the Harley Rendezvous Classic 
Huffy the Biker Clown 
Joe G of Shore Fire Designs 
Ron Jones 
Jim and Allie Simeone of Simms Designs 

Thanks also to Ed Cooper who is the latest subscriber to the podcast...  Ed has joined the 2nd gear club!!  Thanks Ed and your wife for not sleeping while he listens. 

In other sad sad news.  The Motorcycle Men and the biker community lost a brother today.  Biker, fan and friend of the Podcast Jimmy Laico lost his battle with cancer and passed away earlier today.  He will be missed and honored. We know you will have smooth roads, the sun in your face and the wind at your back Jimmy. Spread your V-Twin Wings, twist your throttle and Fly.  Peace and Love Brother. 

Ted K. 
​Motorcycle Men Podcast.

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