Episode 50 - 50 episode flashback 

Hello Motorcycle Men listeners!!!

How about that? 50 Episodes and they thought it wouldn't last!!  Sure, to some 50 is no big deal but it was touch and go there for a while but we're glad it's still going strong and getting better.  Thanks to you, our listeners, we are growing and earning new listeners all the time.  We are humbled by your support and encouragement.

This episode is mostly a look back at the 50 and you'll hear bits and pieces of all of our shows so far and I have to tell you it is some really funny stuff.

Briefly, we touched on some email and some news about Harley's new Milwaukee-Eight engine.  But this episode was about the look back.

Lots of fun and again, thank you.  Looking forward to the next 50 with you.

Your Host, Ted "Wrongway" Kettler.

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