Episode 61 - Lost Woody, Mo' Money and Kenn 

Hello Boys and Girls...

Solo this episode at the V-Twin Cafe with Special Guest Kenn Blanchard....

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Woody is missing in action!!  Last seen in Lincolnshire, UK headed for some unknown destination but the last I heard he was going to Ireland... remains to be seen I guess.

This episode we speak with Kenn Blanchard, Author, activist, rider, Pastor and podcaster. Kenn's a busy guy with "Black Man With A Gun", Blanchard Outdoors, Blanchard.Media, KennBlanchard.com.  Kenn also gave us a special message for all of us motorcycle riders.

Join us for our Thanksgiving episode where the whole Motorcycle Men family gets together and..... well.... talks turkey.

Ride safe kids and pay attention.
Host of the Motorcycle Men

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