Episode 63 - Pre-IMS, Tednical Difficulties and No guest 

Hello boys and girls!!

First of all, sorry for the audio quality.  We've had some issues with our gear the last few weeks but we are getting it all in order soon.  But for the time being, please bear with us.

Thank you to Nick and Matt who both became 3rd Gear club members by supporting the show.  They will get there rewards soon!!  Thanks guys!!  If you would like to support the show so we can get these mic issues taken care of, visit our homepage and click on the SUBSCRIBE link. Good things will come!!

This show was a bust.... ugh.... Sadly our intended guest from REVER was unable to attend but we will have them back in an upcoming episode, so stay tuned.

We pretty much chatted about the upcoming International Motorcycle Show coming up this weekend in New York City.  By all means do yourself a favor and check this out if you are in the area this weekend December 9, 10 & 11.  Worth your time.

Woody is missing in action.  If you see him, know where he is or have seen him, please let us know.

We did do an audiobook review of Ocean County Choppers: Tale of the Teutuls. It's a good listen, check it out.  
Plus I talked about the current book I'm listening to Touching the World... really interesting.

Well, that is all I have.   Again, sorry about the audio quality, but we'll make it better soon.

Ride safe and pay attention,
Host of the Motorcycle Men

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