Episode 68 - Interview with Creators of REVER 

Hello there boys and girls,

This is a great episode and if you are one, like me, who uses an app to track  your rides or to find new rides, this is an episode for you!!!

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This episode is a great discussion with the creators of the motorcycle navigation app, REVER.  Justin Bradshow and Lachie (pronounced Locky) Thomas joined me and told me all about REVER and what it's all about and what it can do for you as a motorcyclist.

Sign up with REVER now and go to the GROUPS page and search for Motorcycle Men Group. Join and ride with us and share you mileage with us and see how much we don't ride..... for now.

Thanks to Justin and Lachie for giving us a great show.

Ride Safe Kids!!
Host - Motorcycle Men Podcast

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