Episode 70 - A cool chat with Steve West of Love Jugs 

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If you ride a big twin... A Harley-Davidson, an Indian, a Victory or any other air cooled motorcycle, this podcast is for you. Why? Do you hate being hot in the summer months when you are trying to enjoy your ride and you get stuck at a traffic light and then you bake on that oven your sitting on?  Bake no more.  My guest tonight is Steve West of Love Jugs.  I'm sure you've seen the ads in the magazines, read the articles and watched the videos.  This is the product you have been waiting for and the Motorcycle Men completely ENDORESE Love Jugs and Highly recommend you get some jugs on your bike today.  

Check out Love Jugs at www.love-jugs.com  or you can call Steve West directly at 561-499-0974

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On behalf of Tim "Buktu" and Chris "Joker".... Ride safe, be cool and pay attention out there!

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