Episode 77 - Interview with Author Kit Crumb 

Hello Boys and Girly's... Welcome to another episode of the Motorcycle Men and yet another great interview.

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Our Guest, Kit Crumb amazing and non-stop author of "Navigating Mountain Curves on a Motorcycle: Tips from a Veteran Commuter" and 30+ other titles.  Interesting note, all of Kit's books have motorcycles in them.  Many of his books are mysteries, detective and some are 2 Hour Mysteries you can read in one sitting.  Many of Kit's books are also available in Audiobook.  Kit is from Oregon in the lower Cascades... Check it out here.  Also check out Kit's website and see what he's got.  Remember, subscribers will get a free copy of the book we talk about in this episode.

That's all from me kids.  We'll be back in the studio next week for some more brotherly madness and such.  More great interviews coming and more top notch content.  Thanks for listening!!  Ride Safe!  

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