Episode 85 - Interview with American Iron Editor Steve Lita 

Hello Boys and Girls, here we have yet another episode of the Motorcycle Men.

Thank you for joining us this episode and it is a great one.  

First, we want to thank our sponsors Ciro3D.com. If you need accessories, performance or comfort parts for your Harley, check out Ciro3D.com and know that Ciro3D products are also available at your Harley Dealer, so ask them the next time you go there.  Also thank you to our patron subscribers and contributors to the show, you guys make things happen!!!  We've added video to our YouTube version of our podcast!!

This week... if you own an America motorcycle, then this episode is for you. Editor Steve Lita from American Iron Magazine joins me in the V-Twin Cafe to tell us about bikes, the industry and other cool stuff!!

Again, thank you to you our listeners, you make it all happen.  Thanks to our sponsors Love-Jugs.com and Ciro3D.com

The Motorcycle Men

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