Episode 86 - Nevada, Registration and WTF? 

Hello Boys and Girls....

The Motorcycle Men got together in the studio for another session of brotherly silliness and nuttyness.

Special thanks to our sponsors Ciro3D and Love-Jugs for helping out the podcast. And an even more special thanks to our supporters for helping us through your support.  Thanks to you we are able to make some cool things happen and more is coming.

NOTE: We had equipment failure 5 minutes from the end of the podcast. So you will notice a significant change in the audio quality for the closing few minutes.  Bear with us... we have new gear in place.

This week:Congrats to Nick Groetsema for winning the Ciro3D Lower Leg Fork Lights.  Do you want to win a Ciro3D smart phone holder for your bike?  Post of picture of your handlebars on our facebook page.

Interview with Kenn Madden and Aero Rudd of Ciro3D

Ride safe boys and girls and pay attention!!!
The Motorcycle Men

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