Episode 16 - The Season Ender and all that 

Hello kiddies!!!  Here it is... Episode 16 and the season closer.

This was an interesting episode to say the least. We used it to test out some new gear and sadly it didn't go as well as planned or thought.  All of our sound effects went missing and there were other issues but, we got it done regardless.

Anyway, in this episode we really busted Tim's chops on the length of his commute to work.  While the possibility of a contest almost made it to the table, the answer to the question "just how long is your commute" was spilled. 

We finally got to the bottom of my squeaky bike problem and it turns out it was the belt.  I gave it a little belt conditioner and that took care of the problem. Then we went on to the Bike Spec Shootout and here we reviewed......
Zero SR ZF 12.5
Boss Hoss BHC-3-LS3CC
Harley Davidson Street 750

After the bike Spec Shootout it was education time.  Since I listened to "To Dakar and Back", an audiobook true story autobiography of the first Canadian to participate in the famed Paris to Dakar Rally, I decided it was a good idea to review the details of this fantastic adventure race.  You can learn more by going to the Dakar Rally Website at www.Dakar.com.  Fantastic event and fantastic book too.

So here's the deal, we're going to take a few weeks off to get the gear worked out and iron out the bugs of this said gear and we will return mid-September.  BUT, I will be giving updates weekly to let you all know what the Motorcycle Men are doing.  

In the meantime, ride safe, be happy and hug your bike!!

Motorcycle men.

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